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We specialize in concrete countertops, vanities, concrete furniture and more, working directly with you in crafting a custom sculpture that is designed to match your personal tastes and requests. Our services come in numerous colors and textures, each one exclusive and stunning. Our works fuse natural materials with the human touch to give your home warmth and individuality.

Here at Integrity Concrete our focus is Integrity, Professionalism and Quality. Supplying a product that satisfies our customers with a professional and smooth transaction, we offer the finest products and services on the market for a fair price.

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Concrete Countertops New Jersey

Concrete Countertops

Our custom concrete countertops that incorporate the natural look of concrete and your own personal design ideas.

Concrete Furniture Delaware

Concrete Furniture

Tables, Fire Elements, and seating crafted from wood, steel, zinc, and of course, concrete.

Concrete Sinks and Vanities Delaware

Sinks and Vanities

Our Unique, Hand-crafted Sinks and Vanities are unmatched in quality and attention to detail.