Concrete Countertops

Complement your culinary taste with a stylish, distinctive counter top and back splash. Integrity Concrete, LLC. specializes in counter tops that are industrial grade, solid concrete top that can be easily installed. What makes our counter tops unique is that each top is completely hand crafted designed.

We can also integrate a personal theme into your bar or kitchen island with graphic designs and unique back splashes. The concrete counters crafted at Integrity Concrete, LLC. can be made in any color or thickness, and are low-maintenance.

Concrete Countertops Delaware

Concrete Countertops Delaware

As a countertop surface, concrete has been around for a long time. Just not like this. This isn’t just some bag mix you buy at the hardware store. Each ingredient has been carefully selected for the benefits it imparts to the end product, which is a countertop surface that is incredibly dense, and ready for anything your kitchen can throw at it. Check out some of the concrete countertops we’ve made for clients in Wilmington, Dover, New Castle, Harrington, Delaware and Philadelphia, Pa., metro area.

At Integrity Concrete, LLC we create custom concrete counter tops that incorporate the natural look of concrete and your own personal design ideas. We also create one-of-a-kind sinks and vessels. Enhance the look of your home by adding the simple, yet sophisticated, natural elements of concrete. Chemical stains, coloring pigments, various aggregates, and epoxy coatings can give concrete the look, texture, and feel of quarried stone such as marble, granite, and limestone.

Throughout the entire process – from mixing our special blend of cement, aggregates, sand, and a combination of additives (for example, using recycled colored glass) to pouring in forms under controlled climatic conditions to the final grinding and polishing. Our contractors are concrete artisans who approach each project as an artistic endeavor and help give form and function to the ideas of architects, designers and homeowners. No other solid surface material allows such freedom of style, color, form and finish. Our Vanity Tops, Sinks, Countertops and Furniture are unequalled in quality and durability. Add fiber-optic lighting, fossils, horseshoes, bicycle gears or company logos to complete your masterpiece.