Concrete Furniture

There are countless items that we can create using the raw beauty of concrete with wood or metal. Tables, coffee tables, end tables, outdoor sitting, fire pits, or planters are custom made to your vision of your interior and exterior entertainment spaces.

Let us customize the shape, size, and thickness of the top, surface, and base of a custom-made concrete table to meet your exact specifications.

Concrete Fire Pits Delaware

Concrete Fire Pits Delaware

Fire Pits

Fire pits are the perfect focal point for all outdoor activity and entertainment. Whether stand alone or table-integrated, fire pits are functional in a variety of settings. At Integrity Concrete, LLC., we create imaginative, custom fire pits that add an artistic element to the ambiance of your outdoor living area.

Concrete Seating

Functional and artistic furniture is a key tenant upon which Integrity Concrete, LLC., employs its concrete artistry. One example of our custom furniture is seating. The unique and modern pieces found at Integrity Concrete, LLC., combine comfort, class and style into interesting functional furniture.

From reclaimed antique pieces to original craftsmanship of Integrity Concrete, LLC., artisan, the available seating options are endless. Whether you are looking for an influx of color or a more rustic piece, we  can craft any furniture option to your exact specifications.