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About Us


Integrity Concrete by Homestead is a family owned and operated business. Melvin is the owner and head craftsman, the one who makes the jobs come to life. Mel has been in the concrete industry for 15 years.

Coming from an Amish upbringing, he started working at a young age with his father and uncles in the concrete business. Before transitioning into decorative concrete full time, Mel did a little bit of everything from stonemasonry to intricate millwork, bringing people’s visions of their home spaces to life. He loves being creative, giving attention to detail, and coming up with new ideas.

When Mel isn’t busy with work, he is busy keeping up with his wife and five kids, who are all within five years of age, insanity, we know. His wife Hannah is the woman behind the emails and estimates. When she isn’t chasing kids, she’s helping Mel keep things moving. And then there’s John, the foreman and Mel’s brother. John is the one who works alongside Mel, day in and day out, bringing your visions to life.  

Mel’s favorite thing about concrete is the creativity and uniqueness that comes with it. No piece is completely the same and each has its own character. If you are looking for something unique with your own creative flare, then concrete is for you. We would love to work alongside you to bring your vision to life.

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